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operation bed bugs

You would think that when your ill with fever the day will be spent in bed. Well, normally that would be the case, unless you have bed bugs and pest control booked for the day you got ill.  That's right, these creatures still exist in many London homes and getting rid of them is a full time job. Pictures below will demonstrate the scope of this project. Be warned, bed bugs is something you really dont want to have in your home. 

It all started with the discovery of insect bites. A quick notice to my landlord that he needs to act. Pest control was booked and finally arrived almost a week and half after the first bites were discover. So you can imagine, a lot of mental stress and uncertainty not to mention the discomfort of sleeping in your bed which could potentially host these insects. 

The Borough sent a letter detailing how the house should be prepared for the treatment. This included the removal of every single item in our rooms, in every single room of the house..

That's why our kitchen has looked like this the whole day. The only room in the entire house that would not be treated and therefore we had to store our items there.

The rooms were turned upside down and the spray that was applied had to dry for 2 hours...

While waiting for the spray to properly dry from all surfaces, the second part of the task still remains. Unpacking all clothes and stuff back, rebuilding the bed and most importantly getting new, clean bedding. This is the costly part of the operation, although the pest control was paid through the landlord, dry cleaning of my cosy double duvets and pillows, will end up costing me a little, but I might as well get it done as they have not been washed properly since they were first bought. 

The experience has taught that there is no bigger luxury than comfortable bedding and a clean bed, things so easily taken for granted. Although it would have been so much more comfortable to do the cleaning if I had been well. But my amazing flatmates really saved the day. 

Next up, washing the most necessary bedding i.e. a blanket and mattress cover so that I can finally settle to rest and feel better soon.